RPGs – Fear of the Challenge

So why am I talking about an RPG that I’m not planning to Stream?

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Homebrew – Munchkin Game to RPG

I wanted to share this as it was made up as I went along for a group of three players (+GM)…

…and I know there is an out of print Munchkin RPG as well before anyone says anything.

For this Homebrew you need:

  • Any Munchkin set (with as many Expansions as you can)
  • At least 1 deck of cards
  • d20 per player and GM
  • A variety of coloured tokens (at least 5 colours)
  • A GM Screen (obviously)

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Jena Campaign (side) – Not enough answers

I was thinking about taking on the players side and how they can affect how a game is run, however I don’t have enough experience to write part 3 fairly.  In this case I think that the best option is to get a few more opinions and live results before doing it.

Tomorrow at 7 however I will post something so that I fulfil my weekly opinion page.

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