Doom – Textbook in making a player feel a B*****

I never thought I would play Doom and think… “wow deep and intense at the same time!”

This game makes you feel like you can take on the world… if the world was Mars with a bunch of DEMONS on it.

I think that a lot of the way that this game feels good is the way it was designed.

OK, for those who don’t know what I’m on about. ¬†The brief summary of the doom series is portal opens on Mars, Demons spawn out of it, you’re the only guy who can do anything physical… the rest writes itself.

The most recent of the franchise confusingly named Doom… not Doom 4, just Doom drops you in as a cult is tying to sacrifice you… and failing at it.

Everything in this game is Doom to a… well actually it is or parr with the original¬†Doom.

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