When things stop getting fun…

I’m beginning to regret starting a twitch channel.  Not because of negative publicity but because its no longer fun.

I started playing to have fun and show people a side of me that no-one did… a honorable notion but misplaced.

The truth is it went downhill recently.

There is a buzz about playing a solo game with spectators however if you constantly go to play on twitch and you are constantly the only person, its effectively a video recorder, twitch is meant to be community not solo play.

I guess the deciding factor was Roll-play charity event.  I went back to watching these people have fun and felt part of the community watching, a few days later I played by stream and… it didn’t feel right being the only person on stream.

I also like to play games for long periods but I have to cap myself to 2-3 hours as I split them into decent length highlights, transfer them to youtube and then edit the tags and descriptions.  Its actually stopping me from letting go after a long day.

At the same time, my life has been chewed up, I work 6 days a week sometimes and when I do I lose 3 evenings to streaming and 2-3 hours of editing and checking, when you put in the effort, it makes things less fun when you have nothing to show for it… and I’ve been told that the only way to make it successful is to play games I don’t necessarily like.  If jumping through hoops and playing games you don’t want to play is part of the twitch streaming lifestyle then I want no further part of it…

I’m giving myself a week to see how I feel over the matter and I’ll make a decision then… in the meantime, I’ll probably keep going, see how I feel afterwards.

I’ll probably get back to what I enjoy and that is watching what I love.

This is staying though… it doesn’t take up much of my time, I can write this whenever I want and I do like writing about experiences.