Cultist Simulator – the “Correct” way to Skinner Box

OK, so maybe I’m engaging in a little click bait with the title but err… well I’m actually saying it in a positive way.

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Cultist Simulator appears at first glance to use techniques based on Skinner’s techniques as well as the same countdown clocks you get on mobile games and… yet it is the perfect simulator game I have played.  They have taken mechanics you could argue as negative and uses them in a positive way… and through it the perfect simulator.

Tic-Tock Tic-Tock

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Dragon Quest Builders (Part 2) – The Skinner Box? (SPOILER HEAVY)

There is one question I asked myself after writing the original Part 1.

Did I like this game because I fell into the Skinner Box?

The Skinner Box has been used so many times to make a game feel good but in the end been seriously flawed.

The slot machine, the lottery, the levelling bar (when used wrongly) all use techniques that come directly from the Skinner Box concept.

But has the Skinner Box actually taken a new form in this game?

This is the most researched of my posts (I started by reading Wikipedia and moved on)

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