Cry Havoc – Soldier Placement

This will not be a Sunday Set Up as when you get a game with a mechanic as elegant as this… I am talking about, as mentioned, Cry Havoc.

Cry Havoc is a 2 to 4 player (BUT 4 is best) game about three factions invading a planet or the indigenous race trying to kick them off.  I’m focusing on one concept and it’s combat and it’s closeness to another classic concept.

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Dragon Quest Builders (part 3) – How to beat the Boss Battle (HEAVY SPOILER)

I love playing in the world of Dragon Quest Builders, I don’t have to worry about being attacked by random battle screens.


Seriously, I make up a giant town that makes me feel proud and prepared to protect the town for the boss battle.

I triggered the boss and… me and the town are teleported to the middle of an arena and I’m fighting a standard boss fight where you have to block some missiles, block an aggressive boss and then blow him up… something about it just feels… off.

The question is, for a game like this is there a better way to do it; is there a better form of boss battle for a new type of RPG.

Note this is speculative design and not purely based on the game Dragon Quest Builders.

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Dragon Quest Builders (Part 2) – The Skinner Box? (SPOILER HEAVY)

There is one question I asked myself after writing the original Part 1.

Did I like this game because I fell into the Skinner Box?

The Skinner Box has been used so many times to make a game feel good but in the end been seriously flawed.

The slot machine, the lottery, the levelling bar (when used wrongly) all use techniques that come directly from the Skinner Box concept.

But has the Skinner Box actually taken a new form in this game?

This is the most researched of my posts (I started by reading Wikipedia and moved on)

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