Call of Cthulhu – Conflict and Cohesion

OK this piece I’m prying out of my own hands, I could probably do more but I’m out of time.  Be advised, I’m not happy about it.

Call of Cthulhu is a complete side step compared to Dungeons and Dragons, your health is permanently low to the point of pointless, your sanity and luck will drain fast and the world is out to get you.

However, I feel that I’m enjoying the story line more than other story lines I’ve played so far; it doesn’t feel as disjointed OR so focused on combat that I need to be combat ready all the time.

The low health makes you less combat hungry and so more story focused, your background is a stronger asset and liability than in more combat heavy RPGs and you feel that you can genuinely solve problems with more than just a sword and a gun.

Better still you don’t have to realign your character to other players in order to make it work; your character can still be themselves.

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Rollplay – How do they do it?

I don’t know how he does it?

One of my heroes in Twitch land is a guy called JP, he runs a Twitch Channel called itmejp, recently I had the chance to watch him do his 9 hour run.

One of the flagship shows he has is called “Rollplay”.

Rollplay is a show where he uses an on-line tabletop called roll20 to play a variety of roleplay systems.  He does it using skype and several of his friends from the world of Twitch.

It brings a question how does he pull them together?  I only managed 3 weeks before I had to stop because people couldn’t make the timeslot we had allocated.

I then compared my life to theirs (enough to depress you but…) and it became very simple.

Firstly, these are pure players, developers and designers, they already have a very flexible work/life balance and so they can get away with it.  All three of my original crew have jobs and lives that are not as flexible and so they have to take life when we can.

Secondly, I think the fact that they have a solid twitch base helps, you can tell they are watching the chat (travelling at 300 mph but…) and knowing that they are doing the right thing.

Thirdly they do cameras.  I want my personal life so I don’t do webcam (although I could do webcam and wear a mask but… no I hate masks) but they do and the reaction is priceless making it more personal, also they can see each other so they can bounce off each other’s reactions.

It is this combination that I think that makes them come back to the game time and time again.

Below is my feeble attempt just to show a comparison: