Doctor Who – Three Weeks On

Its strange that three weeks on my confidence seems to be improving.

The strange techniques seem to be working and when you want to get a point across and normally you let your actions do the talking.  So what does it take for me personally and what have I learned about myself.

Time Turns

I don’t script everything… if I did I’d spend my entire lifetime scripting.  What I do though is bullet point what I want to 

Doctor Who – Why it won’t fail was done on a 1 minute intervals, each bullet point on a turn of a timer.  I didn’t have time to panic or repeat, I just had to do it.

This maybe something I continue doing.

Sitting Down

The original plan was to sit down and pull off all recordings in one sitting.  However as I tried to do that I found myself burning out.

However after doing a session on the Wednesday and finding an interesting way of starting the video, I feel I gain more from giving some time and firing off the Thursday episode the day before.


May need a few random topics to talk about to get into a flow.  In fact I think I need to figure out how to relax a little more.   Make it easier.

Join the Pack

Doctor Who – The Nightmare

I love Doctor Who…

And this has made this recording session hard.  As I am typing this I’m just looking at the internet storm surrounding Doctor Who at the moment.

When you look at Doctor Who, you see a variety of opinions on both sides of a chasm where if you try to be a middle ground you fall into a pit of despair.

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TWIS – Copyright evolves into Co-opyright

I received a message on Twitter that the EU are trying to force pre-screening of all content for copyright (bangs head on the table).

Now as someone who enjoys the internet I had something to say about this… yet instead of writing “Are you out of your F****** Mind” I started writing something different…

… I made a point that trying to enforce copyright in this way was actually a waste of time.

OK I started with the common reason why the enforcement in this way was wrong but I think the text below counted for nearly 3/4 of the text.

NOTE: Although I’m talking about the positive things that have occurred this doesn’t mean that I believe copyright is entirely wrong if you steal an idea from someone and benefit from it without acknowledging them, that’s plagiarism outright and I can’t tolerate it.

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The Internet – Not lawless… if you lay down the law.

I hate topics that due to their nature get very close to the political nature I hate to give them time of day.

However, I’ve kind of had enough of two lines being bounced around:

“The Internet is a lawless state.”

“Will someone think of the Children?”

Here’s my opinion while I’m assembling the troll proof bunker.

OK before we go any further, this post is aimed at parents and potential parents, so if you’re under 18, drag your parent or guardian here NOW!

Firstly the lawless state concept… it isn’t a lawless state if you know how to handle the fallout from it.

Parents have quite a powerful role in this however the ban hammer doesn’t work.  Telling a teenager not to do something is like putting a red rag to a bull (from personal experience).

However you need to do something and some would argue programmes like “Net Nanny” are the solution.

Yes that works however reality doesn’t have filters and having a kid protected until they are 18 leaves them vulnerable to real life, also, they won’t have the skills to make judgements about what the internet really is,

it is a temporary solution to protect the youngest in society that needs to be slowly removed so that teenagers can learn safe internet practice.

So what is the solution?  Its the classic responsibility and knowledge argument.  You are responsible for making sure that kids have the knowledge and smarts to safely navigate the internet.

The one thing you should teach your children from early age is the following:

“The Internet does not always have the right answers”

Two important things this means for you as a parent:

  1. Teach them that if they are not sure if they have a reliable source, compare it to sources you know that are reliable.
  2. You have to answer questions and in the right way so that the answer satisfies the child or teenager.

Eventually a teenager will see something that is over 18 and you will discover they have OR they will follow point 1 and ask you.

First, go and look at the site yourself and identify warning signs, any respectable journalist, editor or web designer will have an age gate confirming age so identify that first then talk to the teenager about the warning signs that this site is over 18.

Secondly, take advantage of the situation to teach them about something useful.  Teenager seen a violent action in war, explain why wars occur, teenager seen <shudder> porn, talk about relationships (all types of relationships).

Now I’m not a psychologist and I hope someone will tell me how far my opinions are off.  I’ve written a lot here about the “lawless state” so I’m hitting the breaks for now.


…Ok debate can now begin and I can write part 2.