Homebrew (Part 1) – Write, Rewrite, Repeat

Fail faster can sometimes very difficult in RPGs, getting a group together is not easy if you are doing a home-brew, testing or even using a system that isn’t a major system.  However sometimes it can be beneficial having time to look at the rules of the world and even the mechanics.

OK first a disclaimer, I’ve not published yet and even if I do, it would be just for fun to see if I can, however I want to share my experience with writing a system.  As someone who is mathematically minded, I enjoy from-scratch homebrew allowing me to modify for both story, scenario and mood.

Some I have run for groups, others are just a challenge for me to keep my brain active.

I’ve taken some systems through multiple versions, one has gone through at least 10 major modifications; sometimes it was just to make it easier to rewrite, other times it was a core mechanic change, others it was something not written right.

However I do find a series of reasons that I rewrite:

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