Rollercoaster Tycoon – Run This Town

It can be difficult to run a RPG that is different to normal.

The idea of being a Shop Owner, Armourer, Tavern Owner or Trader doesn’t really sound interesting. 

However I don’t believe it is impossible. 
Warren Spector (Director of Deus Ex) has always talked about a world of mysteries in a single city block, so why not a story in a single Tavern or Village.

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Twitch – Critics Already

Why do I twitch? Simple, to have fun and be myself, if I’m not then what’s the point.

I could end this blog here after this sentence but just to put some perspective in.

Someone (I will call the Critic) suggested to me why don’t I play games that are more in fashion? Games that I haven’t even played yet because it will get me more followers?

OK, let’s reference a tip about getting more followers… give yourself a hook that gives you an edge.

OK so this critic was saying that the best way of getting an edge was to play a game that EVERYONE ELSE was playing?

Be yourself was another one of the tips given online.

So the critic wants me to play a game that is not my type of game?… actually its on the border of what I like so mute point.

Now another point made by twitch users, sometimes its not the game but the person playing.

So this critic is telling me that he won’t sign as a follower because no-one else has signed up, even though he admits that my only problem is the games I play but he likes me?

Now I know that technically what the critic said is a valid tip but what this tip is saying is that you too could be a twitch superstar by playing the game everyone else is playing… when you do that you create a single tone and you find yourself competing against a large group of people.

So in my case I will follow my own rules, I won’t necessarily have 100 followers in a month but every follower will be hard earned and worth it.

And I will not use this post as a plug for my channel.