Delta Green – Playing the Black Sheep

Last week I gave an example of a character with good intentions and poor method with the example of John Kramer, the “antagonist” of the SAW series.

This time round I’m looking at the next phase… how to create and play Black Sheep characters.

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Sratchbrew (+7) – Daggers, Doom and Scissors

Well it happened; the RPG I had been working on for a while has now been placed into the hands of other players.

One of the players took a giant dagger… 

…and we ripped the character creations rules apart!

Yes we didn’t even get to playing… I said things would go wrong in the first 15 minutes and they did!  Not necessarily a bad thing… this was 1st contact and they never go smoothly.

Instead we spent 2 hours on breaking the character creation down and rebuilding it up again.

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for me…

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