Dragon Quest Builders (part 3) – How to beat the Boss Battle (HEAVY SPOILER)

I love playing in the world of Dragon Quest Builders, I don’t have to worry about being attacked by random battle screens.


Seriously, I make up a giant town that makes me feel proud and prepared to protect the town for the boss battle.

I triggered the boss and… me and the town are teleported to the middle of an arena and I’m fighting a standard boss fight where you have to block some missiles, block an aggressive boss and then blow him up… something about it just feels… off.

The question is, for a game like this is there a better way to do it; is there a better form of boss battle for a new type of RPG.

Note this is speculative design and not purely based on the game Dragon Quest Builders.

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Dragon Quest Builders (Part 1) – I need to stop watching Extra Credits

Well here’s another topic Extra Credits had already done.  I don’t know whether I should be happy that they were right OR trolled because I need to think of something extra to add beyond what they’ve already done.

Dragon Quest Builders is a recent release from the Dragon Quest series.

The biggest difference, you have to build your home town… yes build it, think Minecraft in an RPG world.

Now I’m not saying it’s perfect… you prepare your city for battle and the Location Boss will just teleport you to ANOTHER PLANE OF EXISTENCE AND OH MY DEFENCES ARE USELESS NOW.

For those that wish to see the original video (in case you haven’t)  the video is HERE.

Oh no!

This has way too much for me to do justice in one blog, this could take a few topics.

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