Far Cry 5 – Resistance makes you miss out.

OK so after a painful blog post which if you want to read you can do HERE, I thought something a little more lighter.

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There was one thing that was interesting that I found about playing this game; that apart from the objectives and the starting cut scene and tutorial, I wasn’t taking much notice of the story.  Well the Faith Seed section of the story bugged out so I couldn’t complete it.

But I think that the mechanics that were created for Far Cry 5 do not just take up the slack but also create a story of their own.

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Far Cry 5 – The Sandbox comes Alive (Warning Darker Themes)

OK so while the logic of why the army doesn’t charge is illogical, at least they gave a reason.

My first few hours with Far Cry 5 was an interesting mix of Bow, silenced machine gun and pistol.

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Even so it provides a variety of interesting moments; glance for a few moments beyond the action and you see a group of characters that are surprisingly well thought out if not executed sub-par… and for a few moments they did have an effect on me to question which side I’m really on.

WARNING: as I was starting to type some of these things on this blog I was making myself uncomfortable, some of the themes bubbling under the surface are disturbing in this game and the conclusions are damning even to myself… if you trigger easily, don’t go below the MORE line.  This was also written before I saw a spoiler that proved the Father was outright EVIL but the key thing is the double edged nature of what I see as the hidden theme of Far Cry 5.

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Discord Debate

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Tron 2.0 – I’m surprised it is not…

… a Dark Soul’s Game.

I know that sounds weird but like The Surge and the Dark Souls, there are key elements to Tron that is similar to the other two games also have.

There was one key weapon in Tron that is perfect for a Dark Souls type game…

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Hand of Fate – Back in the Game

OK, I know Hand of Fate is an old game but, looking around, the lore of the game isn’t discussed very much.

However, I did place this on the Reddit page a few weeks back and I thought, why not put it on here.

So this is an old thought, currently my life is in the air so I can’t do anything too heavy.

I know this is an old game but it’s something I just found.

Originally I thought that Hand of Fate was simply a game of cards and a combat mechanic; don’t get me wrong, it was a great game but it felt like, while there were many small stories, there appeared to be only a simple mission based plot to pull you through.

How wrong I could be and it all comes from the introduction:

At first I thought it was in relation to Hell and the mention of 13 Gates was 13 Gates to hell… this is one theory that the gates to hell have led you to face the Devil.

However when I typed in 13 Gates, something else came up… “the 13 Gates of the Necronomicon” by Donald Tyson. How to be a magician the world of Lovecraft…

And something made sense; if you were an ordinary mortal then you wouldn’t have as much power over the cards, you’d be forced to take the hand you have but no you can manipulate the cards.

This means that you play a Magician who has successfully reached an other realm… the question is… which realm and who is the Dealer truly?

I think there are probably clues in the game and the evidence I’ve provided is flimsy as it’s a fictional source book in relation to the Lovecraft World (never created by the original author). If anyone wished me to explore further, let me know.

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One Shot – Three Hours of Nightmares

So a few quick things for Wednesday.

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Jumanji – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

There are very few things I actually missed when I was talking about Jumanji.

There is one thing that I think that is important that actually needs to be said.

A link to the original video is HERE, be advised that I didn’t research any names of actors (I should have believe me).

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