Design 2 – Against All Odds

Last week I gave 2 examples where changing dice and the mechanics that can change the feel of a game.

But this is only half of the story. Dice can be so unpredictable that they need some form of counter to smooth out the curve

For this exercise I will be only focusing on the Lightbound mechanics as its provides the most options to counter the effects of the dice and to make it interesting.

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Start Menu – Booting Up

So what am I planning?

Well the first thing I’m planning is to restart youtube videos as part of the blog.  The plan is to put the video out first then put the supplemental notes out on the Wednesday out on the blog with the video.

So what am I looking at?

There are two potential ideas that I could do:

Four Reasons Why…

OK, this is a disaster waiting to happen; especially considering one of the ideas that has come to mind involves Doctor Who… JUST ASKING FOR IT!  But four reasons, keeps things simple and allows me to go into detail about key elements I like.

Reboot Busts…

I’m asking for abuse; not just taking on Doctor Who but game flops as well.  Could I do anything worse… well I could but even I don’t want to cross that line willingly.  Mistakes have been made with some games and taking them head on and making suggestions based on the games and mechanics I know… it’s one way of getting angry people shouting at you.

There is also one other project I am working on BUT this isn’t a solo project and I need help with it.

Oh and at some point I have to redo the Twitter and FB buttons below, maybe add a few more.

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Game Paused

OK so I’m taking a break for a few weeks to get my head back in the game and to focus on some other things.  I will be restarting on the 12th September.

There are two reasons:

  1. I am mentally drained, not just feeling upset but extremely low mood.
  2. I have several projects that I need to focus on.

I hope I can pull myself back on track and enjoy myself.

Week of brain drain


OK watching my rig installing updates and I can’t think of something to talk about…

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Monitors – Frustrations set in

I was going to talk about sensitivity but I’m screaming for a different reason

When you try to sort something out and you discover a problem.

My monitor is currently acting weirdly; serious cases of screen tearing, monitors not responding the way it should and constant stuttering.

Which is taking up most of my time.

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Doctor Dekker – The Duality of Chthulu

So on Wednesday I tried to be clever… if you spotted the hidden message well done.

And yes it was corny I know but it hints to the cleverness of the Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker and I loved it.

And it is the perfect example of something I was looking at previously, the duality of Chthulu.

And you will be driven insane by the spoilers and I’m not expecting you to have had the same storyline.

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Cthulhu – You will join the pack.

The only thing I would say is… “holy ****, what did I just play?”

Image result for doctor dekker

You may be surprised I played the Infectious Madness of Dr Dekker… and she freaked me out… well she’s Marianna in the game not doctor Dekker.  This is an Full Motion Video game with the only scene being in a single room with a couch.

On the same lines of event 0 and Her Story where you constantly hear… “I don’t understand you” OR “you have two questions there” WAY too often.

Understand this; there was something captivating… and not just the good looking woman onscreen.

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