Megagame Madness – The dice are rolled

OK so the plan to extend from Cry Havoc but I need some time to think… so I think

When you think of 2d6, you would normally think of a 2 dice each with 1 to 6.

However there are two other interesting dice type I have seen used or just generally can be bought.

I’ve had a look at these sets as I’m looking for a solution to handle an awkward situation with an idea.

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FATE – the Fire of Angels – Timed Exquisitely (Prelude part 2)

This is the second part of the prelude I’m creating using an RPG mechanic.  Feel free to send feedback.

The first part of the prelude is here

The Fire of Angels dropped below L1 and left Void Space.

“All clear!”  Michael lifted his goggles…

“Why do you wear those?”  Carriea tightened the last screw.

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FATE – the Fire of Angels – Tarriara’s Exodus (Prelude)

This is the first part of a story I’m creating using an RPG mechanic.  Feel free to send feedback.

The Fire of Angels dropped below L1 and left Void Space.

“What the…” the Captain looked down at the drive console “Great!  Spike!  You promised that the drive could handle the load!”

“I said!”  The radio crackled from the volume “That the engine could handle it!  The overheat… that was a different matter.”

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Paper and Pen – Away from the Rulebook

I’m currently in the middle of an interesting situation… one that I find unusual…

Recently, I have found myself stepping away from the computer and designing on pen and paper; taking me away from the rulebook I have created.

And it has given me a breath of fresh air…

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Sands – Time turns to the “Perfect” character.

So you’ll notice that I’m not using a game, book or movie title for this blog…

…And this is because I’m writing up on a designing project; and how to place focus on the story and not the stats.

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Wolfhowl – Back on Track I hope

This is a quick announcement…

… when you try to do something new, it becomes difficult to keep on track.

However I believe that by focusing on a specific plan I can get back on track.

So hopefully I’ll be back to doing this once a week.

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RPGs – What a single change can do

I’m in the middle of a break designing and running my system…

It’s currently going well but I’ve recently changed two separate things, health and how magic works.

These changes are minor in the grand scheme of things but the result but they have actually caused me no end of trouble.

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