Wolfhowl – Back on Track I hope

This is a quick announcement…

… when you try to do something new, it becomes difficult to keep on track.

However I believe that by focusing on a specific plan I can get back on track.

So hopefully I’ll be back to doing this once a week.

RPGs – What a single change can do

I’m in the middle of a break designing and running my system…

It’s currently going well but I’ve recently changed two separate things, health and how magic works.

These changes are minor in the grand scheme of things but the result but they have actually caused me no end of trouble.

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Tea Break

Well I’ve been having a long week and I personally don’t have anything I want to share this week…

I’ve had a long week and been busy with a series of tasks so I’ve been focused; clearing stuff out and making sure my life is going forward.

I’m hoping that next week that I will have a few things ready to talk about.

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Condemned in the Sands – 10 minutes for a better day

When you look at the way that the world is at the moment, you need a laugh… however not to the level that I did for 10 minutes on Thursday.

Sometimes you need to laugh until it hurts because otherwise the world lets you down.

Last Thursday, I’ve had one of those days.

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The Chaos Clock – A Working Game in 1 Week

Last Week I finished my first play test with a group of 5 of us…

… and it was one of the games that I designed in 7 days.

For someone like me, this was a shock…  this game kept their attention for three hours (we lost but THREE HOURS)… and not the type of three hours punctuated with stories of life, this was three hours trying to defeat this game as a group.

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