Doctor Dekker – Feelings and Reflection

OK there seems to be a pattern forming on how I do things.

This week something came up when I completed this video… how something you play can be affected by how you feel about the content.

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Doctor Dekker – Getting better on the Audio

It’s Halloween Round 2

I’m beginning to improve but not perfect (I won’t be in 4 weeks)


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Bendy and the Ink Machine – Opinion and Audio

It hard to be critical on something that you enjoy…

… below are my original thoughts video.

… however when you go above like and to love it becomes easier, think the Uncanny Valley but for the ability to criticise…

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Bendy and the Ink Machine – Audio Disaster (my audio is rubbish)

OK it’s Halloween so I’m planning something different…

This is either going to be a disaster or an excellent plan… take 1 webcam and 1 Mask… well here we go…

… the plan is video Wednesday and blog Sunday.

What I will say about this that I love this game but Chapter 3 did have some flaws.

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Doctor Dekker – The Duality of Chthulu

So on Wednesday I tried to be clever… if you spotted the hidden message well done.

And yes it was corny I know but it hints to the cleverness of the Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker and I loved it.

And it is the perfect example of something I was looking at previously, the duality of Chthulu.

And you will be driven insane by the spoilers and I’m not expecting you to have had the same storyline.

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Cthulhu – You will join the pack.

The only thing I would say is… “holy ****, what did I just play?”

Image result for doctor dekker

You may be surprised I played the Infectious Madness of Dr Dekker… and she freaked me out… well she’s Marianna in the game not doctor Dekker. ┬áThis is an Full Motion Video game with the only scene being in a single room with a couch.

On the same lines of event 0 and Her Story where you constantly hear… “I don’t understand you” OR “you have two questions there” WAY too often.

Understand this; there was something captivating… and not just the good looking woman onscreen.

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Tooth and Tail – A Study in Micro/Macro

OK so I haven’t been able to complete the original plan…

However I am impressed at Tooth and Tail and I do want to get this down on screen.

The key thing that I like about this game is it brings the most complicated part of an RTS and simplifies it while giving a decent strategy level.

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