2016 looking to 2017



…was a year of lies

… is a year of truth

… was a year of hate

… is a year of hope

… was a year of fear

… is a year of courage

… was a year of division

… is a year of unity

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Hand of Fate – Expansion Blues

I found two Hand of Fate blog posts.

One on the breaking of the Fourth Wall twice

One on the Past Methods being used in the Present

So here is my Final Thoughts for Hand of Fate.

I went back during the year to Hand of Fate when there were a large number of expansions and something felt… off.

It didn’t take me long to figure it out though… the expansions were automatically placed in the decks from the word go.  Worse still each expansion was a single linear story-line that would only give a pay-off further down the line.

This means less cards that provide any benefit in the moment, you could also consider less cards that attack you but even they give benefits after fighting them.  These cards can be vital and be the difference between Victory and Defeat.

However even when playing it still seems that you can still defeat it.  Have they adjusted the main game to make sure you can still win OR have they chosen the cards to remove so well that they maintain the balance?

I don’t know, I just want to have fun.

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Scratchbrew – Did it work?

This four part chaos that I shared my ; part 1 is here, part 2 is here, the third here and the final incomplete part 4 here.

So read more for Final Thoughts… 

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Dragon Quest Builder- Now he needs to pay

Part 1 stated why I liked the game

Part 2 broke down why the Skinner Box could have been an issue

Part 3 was a look at the boss battle in a building game.

So read more for Final Thoughts… WITH A SPOILER ALERT

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WordPress – Final Thoughts

Well 2016 is almost up and I think that I need to look back on the writings I have done.

I’m releasing one Final Thought a day every day until next Thursday.