RPGs – What a single change can do

I’m in the middle of a break designing and running my system…

It’s currently going well but I’ve recently changed two separate things, health and how magic works.

These changes are minor in the grand scheme of things but the result but they have actually caused me no end of trouble.

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Critical Role – a change in the way I see…

I’ve constantly enjoyed watching Critical Role, itmejp’s RPG sessions as well as other RPG youtube sites.

Yet I have found myself in a situation where I’m looking at this less and less, not because I am being put off by the shows but for a completely different reason…

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Super Dungeon Explore / Super Dungeon Tactics

Sometimes, you miss a game on Steam because the steam library is so dense… this is one of them.

In 2011, there was a board game called Super Dungeon Explore based on retro 8/16-bit Japanese RPGs; where one player plays the fantasy enemies and the others play the heroes trying to defeat the enemy.

Five years on, Soda Pop Miniatures worked with Underbite Games to creates Super Dungeon Tactics; a strategy game based on the original game… yet there is something different from the original game.

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The Chaos Clock – A Working Game in 1 Week

Last Week I finished my first play test with a group of 5 of us…

… and it was one of the games that I designed in 7 days.

For someone like me, this was a shock…  this game kept their attention for three hours (we lost but THREE HOURS)… and not the type of three hours punctuated with stories of life, this was three hours trying to defeat this game as a group.

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2017 begins…

So what am I doing for 2017?

Apart from this blog… well including new parts of a blog.

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Scratchbrew – Did it work?

This four part chaos that I shared my ; part 1 is here, part 2 is here, the third here and the final incomplete part 4 here.

So read more for Final Thoughts… 

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Dragon Quest Builders (part 3) – How to beat the Boss Battle (HEAVY SPOILER)

I love playing in the world of Dragon Quest Builders, I don’t have to worry about being attacked by random battle screens.


Seriously, I make up a giant town that makes me feel proud and prepared to protect the town for the boss battle.

I triggered the boss and… me and the town are teleported to the middle of an arena and I’m fighting a standard boss fight where you have to block some missiles, block an aggressive boss and then blow him up… something about it just feels… off.

The question is, for a game like this is there a better way to do it; is there a better form of boss battle for a new type of RPG.

Note this is speculative design and not purely based on the game Dragon Quest Builders.

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