Dark Vocation – First Test

Well the first test is now complete.

And I am happy concerning the information I’ve received.

It is a completely different feel to draw a card than it is to as dice as discussed HERE.

But what else did I learn from a simple one on one test?

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Dark Vocation – 500 Words

Dark Vocation is interesting.

Not only is it the title of a music video by ABNEY PARK but a running project title for an RPG; a mixture of film noire and Steampunk.

To help me design it, I’ve started writing a fiction piece to go with it… the problem is… I can’t write stories longer than 500 words… why?

Well I have a theory but I also see the benefits.

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First and Last – A Game of Greed

LAST WEEK I explained the first few rounds of first of FIRST AND LAST and how hard it is to play logically early on but with the game progressing, you can slowly survive through skill and not just through dumb luck.

The last round is the money grab and is all about getting the most money out of the BBC. And the strategy of this can be just as interesting. (PS: I know this is 6 days late)

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First and Last – Non Random Random

When I watched FIRST AND LAST on the BBC, I wasn’t really expecting to be impressed as its effectively a series of games that are completely random chance of getting the right answer.

Except… its actually not… well not by the end at least. It is one of the most unique games which actually can test the mind and our ability to be social… which means I would be useless on it.

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