Dark Vocation – First Test

Well the first test is now complete.

And I am happy concerning the information I’ve received.

It is a completely different feel to draw a card than it is to as dice as discussed HERE.

But what else did I learn from a simple one on one test?

Well, in the modern age, the first thing I learned is that a system should now be usable in real life and through channels such as Discord, Skype and WhatsApp. The way that the world is turning this is just as important as making sure the system works.

It needs to be simple enough to explain over the phone to anyone who hasn’t played before.

At the same time, its clear that the 4 stats are good but I need to define what they actually stand for beyond the 4 basic names. This will require me to investigate other skill systems in order to get a general layout of what exactly needs to be covered in each stat.

If they were based on the classic DnD 6 or Fallout 7 stats then it would be easy but in this case, it’s cut down to 4 which means everything has to fit and it may not be perfect.

I will also have to consider XP and how the characters level up and how they change throughout. While the original plan to scale up each stat level individually , I think that it may be a good idea to allow experience from other stats and increase the requirements for stat increases. That way players are not limited.

At the same time, how XP is earned is just as important so I will need to consider this as I’m moving forward.

Dark Vocation seems to be coming along well, however I will need to think about how I want to keep designing the system in a way that other GMs can run… that is the challenge

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