Dark Vocation – 500 Words

Dark Vocation is interesting.

Not only is it the title of a music video by ABNEY PARK but a running project title for an RPG; a mixture of film noire and Steampunk.

To help me design it, I’ve started writing a fiction piece to go with it… the problem is… I can’t write stories longer than 500 words… why?

Well I have a theory but I also see the benefits.

So the Theory first; the majority of my storytelling recently has been done through being a GM. As a GM, you have to size up the situation for the players and be very clinical while being descriptive. Well that’s the theory at least.

So why is it easier to write a selection of 500 Words instead of a long long story for me. The first reason is that it allows multiple perspectives. Imagine a Heist scenario with 4 people; the fence, the thief, the diversion and the assistant.

You can just follow the heist from scouting to the theft to the fencing or you can follow the consequences from any of the viewpoints of the four players and you could even go from the perspective of someone on the opposite side; the guard, the detective, the police etc. which can make a more interesting story. Or you could do them all… a single event but from all perspectives.

As well as perspective you can also change time without fear.

There is one risk and this is where anthologies could slip up; there are loose threads and depending on whether the rest of the anthology holds up it could either be a mystery or a poorly written incomplete story.

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