First and Last – A Game of Greed

LAST WEEK I explained the first few rounds of first of FIRST AND LAST and how hard it is to play logically early on but with the game progressing, you can slowly survive through skill and not just through dumb luck.

The last round is the money grab and is all about getting the most money out of the BBC. And the strategy of this can be just as interesting. (PS: I know this is 6 days late)

Each player in secret (players are taken out of the studio) selects a value up to £10,000 and must be the value in the middle to win. This creates a conflict between two very simple concepts; trying to get as much money as you can without being greedy AND avoiding being too prudent.

Now you could just pick a random number and pray it works but… not my style and while it may throw some people, it may not throw everyone.

One potential tactic is just to select a value around the 5K mark meaning that you be roughly in the centre… but what happens if everyone does that? Clearly not a foolproof strategy in this case.

You could have a target figure of things you want to spend that money on and judge it by that just getting enough… however now you open yourself up to players knowing something about you and acting accordingly.

Which actually moves on to another strategy; reading the players and basing it on what they would do. This would be the smartest strategy as you’d then be able to get the most money out HOWEVER this strategy requires you to know what strategy the opponents are employing and avoiding a very strange scenario where everyone is second guessing each other over and over again.

Even with the knowledge gleaned from the show, there isn’t a foolproof strategy to this. There are too many factors to make it a sure thing… combine that with the fact that other player could be trying to read you could have a loop of trying to figure out who does the most second guessing.

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