First and Last – Non Random Random

When I watched FIRST AND LAST on the BBC, I wasn’t really expecting to be impressed as its effectively a series of games that are completely random chance of getting the right answer.

Except… its actually not… well not by the end at least. It is one of the most unique games which actually can test the mind and our ability to be social… which means I would be useless on it.

So the rules are simple in every game; do not be first or last… however to explain the mind games, you have to know the games they chose. Note this is for Episode 1.

The first game was a timing game not knowing when the others will stop the clock. As such you are playing blind BUT you do get to learn something about the other players as to when you stop the clock compared to them.

The second game was all about hashtags and the quantity of posts. You do have a small element to go on (appearance and timings) but it is still effectively blind. However, the Hashtags chosen gives a little more away about the mindset of the player.

The third game is all about seeing who can read people by choosing a runner. This is where players learn the most about their opponents on how well they read people; this is the last game where the players are put visibly in rank order so they can see what they are dealing with.

The fourth game is again about reading people except it all occurs in 20 seconds. This is the dry run for the final as they must grab the person in the middle age wise. Now they have to think about who their opponents are likely to pull out of the audience.

The fifth game is all about pulling a variety of sources and I’m leaving that to tomorrow.

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