Doctor Who – Orphan 55 – Hope and Fear SPOILERS

Once again, a great Doctor Who episode was one step away from being perfect only to wreck it at the last second.

And in one way, damages the credibility of the Doctor. The one thing I hate is when the spark of genius is ruined by missing the mark.

I mean what I said; Earth being Orphan 55 is a brilliant concept and making the creatures having a reverse respiratory system (Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen) is also a brilliant idea and a subtle idea of ironic punishment considering the story-line.

At the same time, there are people making sacrifices; people volunteer to die so that the others can survive. This is a bittersweet but had the potentially to be a feel-good episode.

And the Doctor figures out the symbiotic solution; one race effectively returning oxygen to Earth and other races using it… it would be the perfect symbiotic relationship.

Except, they do the most un-Doctor thing and run and use it as a way of scaring the public and makes all those deaths in vain.

Now why am I angry? Because they had a similar scenario and it was handled better. I’m talking about “Smile” and the way the emoji robots and humans strike a deal to better everyone (OK we never see the deal but a deal was made).

In the end after all the chaos and madness due to the simple misunderstanding, they set aside the differences and forgive and life peacefully.

Orphan 55 could have been a story of the Phoenix; where through a simple relationship, two completely different threats come together and make their world better through their differences and made the sacrifices of the fallen on both sides… A story of Hope.

Instead we have a story of fear; people running, dying and the Doctor comes off cruel (unless this is intentional considering the Timeless Child plot line)… a story of Fear

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