Bad North – Moving with the Strategy

What can you learn from a single run of a Rogue type game?

I recently played a Roguelite called BAD NORTH which is a stripped down RTS with RPG mechanics. I completed one run and then a second… and there were some things that I saw differently in the two runs.

Firstly the all rounder strategy of using swords works for a limited time but diversifying makes the game a lot easier.

My first run I focused on swords and I was hitting problems with Shield types, big types and archers. However in the first run I did prove that adaptability is possible and strategies for dealing with archers but the spears in the second run I learned how to crowd control better.

Secondly, the first run confused me with the map; I knew something was pushing it forward but I couldn’t see it until the end of the first run but there are a series of narrow lines showing how the enemy moved.

In the first run I pushed forward constantly as I wanted to keep ahead. With the second run, because I could see the threat coming from behind and when it would hit, I could hit and defend more locations, giving me more chance to practice and gain more benefits.

These are only 2 examples but this shows that, even with runs of 30 minutes to an hour runs which gives you plenty of time to learn controls and strategies, you always learn something new and learn new strategy every run.

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