Majesty – Income

With any strategy game, you need income to spend for characters.

As with the Minion last Saturday, I am I’m going to look into detail, again.

So like the minions we read what I said:

So let’s talk income and the two games are different. Majesty has two sources of income for two separate groups. As the King you gain taxes from the various buildings and the heroes gain coin from slaying enemies and taking bounties.

In Dungeon Keeper you claim everything you get in the dungeon and the minions get paid with no bonuses.

Income serves different purposes in each of the games due to their nature. In Majesty EVERYTHING is done by spending money whereas in Dunegon Keeper all they have to do is to dig area to get to new areas.

This also reflects in the gaining of income. Being a king is all about the taxes, everything that Heroes and the population can buy from is taxable so it suits the world that that’s where all the income comes from.

There are no taxes in Dungeon Keeper, instead income is gained through mining from gold seams underground. This is a closed circuit with only a finite amount of gold seams and maybe a supernatural seam as well. You gain no gold from minions unless you buy a specific room.

In this case the way the units moving around the map get paid are also different; in Majesty, they have two sources of income which are monsters and bounties which makes perfect sense for heroes and makes sense for the world.

Minions in Dungeon Keeper get paid BUT they don’t gain anything from the heroes. Even money found on heroes immediately go to the coffers not the minions. Some minions do steal from the coffers but the majority of the time, they take what they earn.

Now the reason for this is, well, you’re an omnipotent hand that can drop them wherever you like, would you like to anger that?

Two down.

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