Majesty – Minions

So a few days ago, I made a summary off mechanics that I believed added to the world in Dungeon Keeper and Majesty.

Today I’m going to look into detail, the Minions used and how the mechanics suit both of them and why they work for the world.

To this is what I said last time:

The minions in Majesty are either Heroes or Servants. Servants service or protect your buildings while Heroes will do hero stuff in the classic 5th edition style. Dungeon Keeper’s minions are yours, they are your army and they patrol your locations and effectively, this is a job to them.

The first thing that is key is that both groups are mobile; i.e. they both move of their own “free will”. They will deal with things in their own way and they can not be directly controlled. Instead, they can be manipulated in a specific way.

For Majesty, it’s through a combination of Money and Buildings, for for Dungeon Keeper its the God Hand and Buildings.

So what does this say? It says that Majesty is grounded in a world where money is key and it reinforces the fact that you are king, not some supernatural being. It also reinforces a believed tenant that came from the era. If you through enough resources at the problem it will be sorted.

For Dungeon Keeper, it reinforces the supernatural, fourth wall breaking humour it was known for. The ability to pick out the creatures from the dungeon and place them where you control gives you a feeling of all powerful god.

Note in both cases they can ignore orders. But each in different ways, in Majesty they choose to accept quests like any normal hero in DnD while in Dungeon Keeper they just leave the area you dumped them.

The result in Majesty is that the heroes feel like they are choosing to go to on your quest making every hero look heroic and greedy. Even so they can also get money from killing monsters so the reward to target a specific monster drives them more and they work towards a common goal.

In Dungeon Keeper, they are insubordinate and unpredictable. When they disobey, it due to a combination of factors; not being fed, not being much use there, too close to someone they hate. Where Majesty is about teamwork, Dungeon Keeper is about convenient force.

Well that’s one down.

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