XCom2 – True Concealment

True Concealment from the Steam Workshop allows me to play XCom my way…

…As well as the Evac all, Squad Cohesion and Uniform Manager. These may be simple changes but they change the sequel from XCom 1 to an experience in it’s own right.

So why? Why does using making changes to the original game make it better?

So what is true concealment? For XCom you have a time limit for every mission apart from the resistance post defense. If you fail, then it’s mission fail. This timer is always active either directly with a countdown timer OR indirectly through a location that you need to defend.

This means that there is a constant time pressure in one way or another to complete the combat as quickly as possible and get out. This was something that people hated as it got in the way of the best tactics.

True Concealment pauses the timers that count down until you are spotted. Once you are spotted, all bets are off. Now there is a mod to remove timers completely but I think the timers add a thematic element of a world operating against you. But I think true concealment should have been the default in the vanilla game.

With true concealment active it adds a very powerful cycle back into the game; Prepare, Execute and Panic. While the timer isn’t running down, you have time to prepare for what you intend to do.

Then you execute, either complete the objective in true concealment, clear a force in your way using the Concealed Overwatch and then shooting an alien to set them off.

Then the enemy acts and makes it so you have to react and wing it. If you failed to reach the objective, the timer is now running and then enemy will be closing in. If you have completed the objective, you now have to clear the area to get out which can mean enemies coming from anywhere.

The best example is the first black site. Once you break concealment then you have to complete the goal and escape while forces constantly respawn and keep the fight going. Once you’ve broken concealment you are only left with your wits.

The difficulty of

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