Frostpunk – Building on Thin Ice

Steampunk in eternal Winter, Frostpunk was one of those games that had a world of beauty and danger all at once.

And while city manager doesn’t immediately appear to be the best way of showing this horrific world off, it does, in my eyes, allow people to face the harsh nature of survival and what is needed to be done to survive.

WARNING: There are spoilers for the main storyline… you have been warned.

Now I have played a good solid 10 hours of this game, which doesn’t seem like much, but because of the time acceleration option, does allow you to do a lot in a short space of time… and I have seen several psychological elements.


This game is all about survival and the costs required to do it. And the main cost is to humanity. The laws system in the game allows you to do questionably immoral things and to go down paths that normal humanity would not allow.

You have to decide what you are willing to live with and these people get ill, they get injured, they die and they force you to face consequences.

You are high enough to build the city but low enough to know the stories of the people around you and to see what those two Hope and Discontent bars actually mean.


-20C doesn’t allow much travel very easily. You can not easily travel through snow either. You pull out the main map and the city is a dot on the landscape. Small groups can get out but they have to be well prepared.

But then there’s Winterholme. There was another city in the frozen lands and a few days in you discover it is gone… Dead! And that Isolation causes mass panic causing people to be split between retreating to London and staying to make the effort.

These are the two that stick out the most and they are the two things I enjoy the most about this game. It was willing to take a risk with very difficult decisions and mechanics and place them front and centre.

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