Legacy – Thought Experiment

One of the ideas I’m thinking about is a Legacy game that can be reset.

A legacy system occurs when you play a single session of a board game but the results carry over to the next game. This also includes stickers, sealed envelopes and other elements that permanently change the game forever.

The problem with most is, once all the secrets are gone, you can’t reset as the secrets were part of the game. So how do you make things interesting things multiple times but still keep it legacy.

There are three things that this fictional resetting legacy game require:

No Stickers

Stickers add an element of permanence to the game which, while useful in a legacy game, they make it impossible to reset the game. Adding to this, nothing to do with permanently marking the cards or board. Pens etc.

A self Synergistic System

What I mean by this is that elements of the game work with each other in more than one way. For example, each card having a number between 1 and 6 on it that allows to change the game up by either consulting a table or counting the number of that type.

Expansions that can slip in to the game

The majority of legacy games do not expand out, as such, once you’ve gone through everything, it’s impossible to forget it. However if you can make it so that expansions add more options but allows the game to run in a similar way, you can make the game infinitely interesting.

Legacy is a great idea for players who enjoy a campaign but it can be difficult to repeat. So you need elements to shake it up.

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