XCom2 – True Concealment

True Concealment from the Steam Workshop allows me to play XCom my way…

…As well as the Evac all, Squad Cohesion and Uniform Manager. These may be simple changes but they change the sequel from XCom 1 to an experience in it’s own right.

So why? Why does using making changes to the original game make it better?

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Frostpunk – Building on Thin Ice

Steampunk in eternal Winter, Frostpunk was one of those games that had a world of beauty and danger all at once.

And while city manager doesn’t immediately appear to be the best way of showing this horrific world off, it does, in my eyes, allow people to face the harsh nature of survival and what is needed to be done to survive.

WARNING: There are spoilers for the main storyline… you have been warned.

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Legacy – Thought Experiment

One of the ideas I’m thinking about is a Legacy game that can be reset.

A legacy system occurs when you play a single session of a board game but the results carry over to the next game. This also includes stickers, sealed envelopes and other elements that permanently change the game forever.

The problem with most is, once all the secrets are gone, you can’t reset as the secrets were part of the game. So how do you make things interesting things multiple times but still keep it legacy.

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