Article 13 – YouTube’s hand

I’ve just watched SidAlpha’s take on Article 13 and he’s right about it being a mess.

However, there is a famous saying when it comes to the markets, Adapt or Die. And Internet based companies are masters of the concept of adapting and innovating.

And actually they do not need to adapt in this case as they already have all the tools in place, not just to survive but, as a major twist, to KILL the old music industry.

Last time I talked about this I said “you don’t negotiate with a lion with your head in it’s mouth”. And in this day and age, that is what anyone who wants to abuse this new law will be doing.

But what does youTube need to KILL the old music industry? Well they need three things:

  • A licensing system
  • An algorithm
  • A community

And they have all 3. And they don’t even need to try as Article 13 and 11 has put all the elements in place for the music industry to kill itself.

Firstly, placing music with a strict license creates a chance that someone will want to use it. When they are told of it’s license level through failure to load, they will look elsewhere for those who have used creative commons or similar. That strict license music’s reach is reduced.

Secondly, trust will be reduced, news will spread of content creators being unable to put their content on the net and being forced to change it to make it usable. This is something people don’t want, they are stifling the right to create content and all Google has to say is:

The video creators chose the level not us

Hypothetical Google employee

YouTube already has licensing functions built in, all they have to do is change it to include an Article 13 licensing level… Job done and trap set.

Finally Google will be forced to protect itself using methods that will not damage the bottom line and if they make any changes to do that, the effects will ripple across the whole world actually being a detriment to those that could benefit. Google has a history of stopping market actions if they believe the market has no benefits.

OK so I lied, there will be some things Google need to do to kill the music industry. However these are through the normal course of action as a business and protecting the bottom line not through malice.

What I will be writing next will be cruel and vindictive and what youTube could do if they decided on revenge.

And I will be releasing that in 1 hour.

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