The Zyghon Inversion – Solved

I know what you are thinking… a bit later than useful but I

Well, yes and no but rules are interesting things and there is some logic behind every rule. And “Truth or Consequences” can easily be interpreted and the buttons can be logically solved.

So lets start with the rules, two buttons each, for humans the buttons do the following:

  • Blow the Black Archives up with a nuclear bomb.
  • Release the Imbecile’s gas killing all Zygon

The Zygon have the following:

  • Stop the shape-shifting permanently and remain human
  • Reveal all Zygons for 1 hour

There is one point to make here is that the doctor has set this up during the Day of the Doctor with the goal to avoid death and destruction and keep the peace.

So lets put that into perspective… I think that the full question on the box is “Accept the truth or face the consequences?”

Each one of the boxes offers a simple choice and actually they could have answered itself. My suggestion is that the answer is actually, in order for both of them:

  • Truth
  • Consequences

And each is a safe guard to the other, if the Nuclear bomb is detonated, the Osgood boxes vanish with the power to change the genetics of the Zygon with it. If the Zygon’s accept humanity then there is no reason to have life and death hanging over the Zygon. Accepting the truth would mean that the players can be at peace.

The consequences are dire as well, Genocide in either case, reveal them and the military will hunt them down, release the imbecile’s gas and the Zygons die in one foul swoop. In either case the person pushing the button would have the guilt of their actions in their hands.

So why am I solving this puzzle at all?… It’s all about design. Each person has a specific reason for a mechanic and they do not necessarily tell people why, in some cases they do.

However this is only half of the story.

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