Article 13 – EU loses if it passes

If Article 13 passes in the EU, it may seem bad for the internet but it will be worse for the EU.

The EU has a serious disadvantage if this passes… the propaganda war is being run in the space that would be affected by this.

If these major companies are not happy with the result then they have a lot of power. Here’s what they can do:

  • Remove investment from the EU (bad market to go to)
  • Ban EU citizens from using their site (there is history)
  • Remove their company from the EU (no point staying if there’s not profits).
  • Escalate their propaganda around the world to make people angry (YouTube already done that).
  • Push pro-Article 13 supporters down the search list (remember they are providing your searches).

Each one of these would send a signal that the EU is closed for internet business. This would be big news on any media and the larger the tech company, the bigger the news.

They have the power to turn anyone against the people who think this law is a good idea. If Google, Facebook or Twitter choose to take a stand against the EU, the EU would, by default, lose and so would anyone who sides with the EU.

This is a post truth world.  Whatever the facts are, if there is a better story than the truth then people will side with it.  If Google, Facebook or Twitter decides its bad, then the people will say its bad.

Churchill said it best, you do not negotiate with your head in the lion’s mouth and that’s what the EU is doing right now.

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