Design 2 – Against All Odds

Last week I gave 2 examples where changing dice and the mechanics that can change the feel of a game.

But this is only half of the story. Dice can be so unpredictable that they need some form of counter to smooth out the curve

For this exercise I will be only focusing on the Lightbound mechanics as its provides the most options to counter the effects of the dice and to make it interesting.

So the key thing is to understand the rules or moving in relation to combat is that a player can not enter and exit a space with a threat on the same turn. Effectively the Threat acts as a block to all players and triggers a combat round.

However there are three options when dealing with fear; flight, fight or freeze.

Freeze may sound the most unusual one of the three but it is a valid option. It is possible to take threats down so it is possible to simply wait until someone removes the threat. If there’s no time pressure then this is a valid option.

Doing nothing is always a valid option and really there shouldn’t really be a penalty for doing so.

Flight in this idea doesn’t necessarily mean retreat although that is always a valid option. Instead of travelling towards the threat, you could travel around it.

Alternate routes are always a valid option however, a good alternate route normally takes longer than moving through the route . Useful when time is limited to challenge the players.

Fighting when you need to should be a last resort due to the nature of the dice but even there is always a way to counter the odds.

Whether it’s something supernatural or natural, the player should have the option to sway the fight in their favour. Even so the ability to build a large amount of power should be countered in some way to keep some bite.

When dealing with dice which can be random and uncontrollable and can result in negative effects, there should always be the power to avoid the most powerful negative effects.

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