Doctor Who – The Nightmare

I love Doctor Who…

And this has made this recording session hard.  As I am typing this I’m just looking at the internet storm surrounding Doctor Who at the moment.

When you look at Doctor Who, you see a variety of opinions on both sides of a chasm where if you try to be a middle ground you fall into a pit of despair.

And it’s a shame… there is a Nightmare going on at the moment for anyone who wants to enjoy something that has a long and rich history… it is being pulled back and forth between different groups.

Let’s take Star Wars: Episode VIII (this was going to be one of those weeks);  I went to see it on the same day as Jumanji and I liked Jumanji way more.   Yes, Star Wars was more of a spectacle, it was flashy it did several things that were new to the series BUT there was something missing and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

And it wasn’t the fact it was the dark middle of the trilogy.  Look at several middles; Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Matrix Reloaded, Star Wars Episode 2 AND 5.  All of these went to dark places but they came out complete, there was something you could move forward with.  The Victory at Helm’s Deep, Neo attacking the Squids and “Smith” in the real world, even rescuing your friends when backed into a corner.

The problem is Episode VIII became a PR Nightmare created by something I do not wish to go into here.  I have lost my love of the franchise not because of the film itself, but its aftermath and how a variety of people just dropped the ball.

And there is a faction of the Doctor Who fanbase that is worried this will happen to their love and it will be thrown back in their faces.  Worse still they claim to have a ton of evidence to back it up in their eyes.

However, there is one difference between Star Wars and Doctor Who… it never has played safe.

Doctor Who has dealt with the following issues; humanity, race, gender, age, war, rebellious kids with Nitro explosives, Nuclear war, history, future, capitalism, socialism, identity, genocide (The Time War and Genesis of the Daleks), colonialism, perceptions, human sacrifice… I could go on.

An when you look at the way they have handled EACH of these, while sometimes, ham fisted they have done this in a smart way.  They have a History of challenging status quo and the fears at the time.

The problem is we live in an age where politics have fractured the World.  The US is divided between Republicans and Democrats with NEITHER side willing to compromise.  You have Brxiteers and Remainers in the UK, you have different opinions on immigration, life… well everything. 

And you have a choice these days on the internet; take a side or keep your head down… there is no safe middle ground; the attitude of either your with us or against us is prevalent.

To some people, you can’t have fun unless you take a side.

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