The Positive Community

So how do I do this without entering drama territory.

Not going to happen… OK so let’s keep it simple… let me give three good examples of board gaming communities that I know of (opinion) that do of a good job at being inclusive to everyone.  I will not use names but you may be able to figure it out.

Let’s start on youTube; I can actually name two the first is a channel that able to be inclusive by allowing viewers to comment on the next course of action (OK that’s way too obvious) but that’s the key thing, communication and there are several good channels and there is one that got me back into board-gaming and they are regulars at many conventions and have theor own conventions coming down the line, now I’m annoyed as these are American conventions but they communicate with their community regularly… oh and they disagree with each other, explain why, get into VERY heated debates sometimes, then move on and by allowing multiple viewpoints they can give more to the community who in turn give more back.

Of course there are other ways to make community work, providing a space for community to flourish without any sort of prejudice is just as good and there is a game store here in the UK that does just that; and it shows as there is a large diversity of gamers; board-gaming, CCGs (Collectible Card Games), RPGs (role-playing games), war-gaming even PC gaming.  The doors are always open (not at midnight though, that would be silly), the games library is always available and there are no restrictions to what they can play (just don’t play Cards Against Humanity downstairs).  There are no restrictions and no need to force a particular demographic through promoting aimed at a specific group, provide something good and they will come (yhelps it being a University town).

Now, while I’m focusing on the good communities, there are some communities that have an advantage and I think Megagaming has a strong advantage.  Megagames can be a variety of different games even within a single game, this automatically creates an inclusive atmosphere, even if the theme doesn’t appear for old or young (or any other way you can split the human race) there are parts of the game that anybody can fit into.  And two Megagaming groups I know are pushing boundaries to open up different ideas making it appeal to more people.

There is one thing in common; they don’t shout it from the rooftops, they don’t overcompensate, they just do it.

Mic drop

Got that out of the system.

Join the Pack


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