Pyre – The Pyre Paradox

Super-giant Games have created the ultimate paradox.

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There is one mechanic that while sounds a good idea, is also contradictory based on the way they have designed the game and deal with their menus.

So with Pyre you are playing a 3 on 3 game of American Football or Rugby.  You enter a person’s tackle zone with the ball and you immediately evaporate and return a few seconds later near your base.  You can score a touch down or try BUT lose that player for the next play OR risk throwing the ball in and not lose a player.

This is themed as a group of exiles playing this ceremonial game in order to escape back to civilisation.  At the end of the season your team plays the best team in the league and the winner frees one of their team from exile.

So now you’re caught up, here’s the paradox.

This game is meant to be played end to end… win or lose you travel on.  You are the yard stick with your wins and losses having more weight than the other games.  When you lose you lose, in theory, because they were better.

There’s just one problem… you are given the option to restart the rite; this is directly contradictory to an end to end game.  You can restart the game and win every game and as a gamer, you want to win every game so will restart, especially after some of the twists early on.  This is directly against the will of the developer.

Or is it?

The Nightwings are meant to be the most divine of all; as such they must be the best of all of the teams.

Surely they should be the winners every time?

You know when I called this the Pyre Paradox I thought that it would be the contradiction between restarting and playing as the Pyres burn.  However there is something else weirder; that in order to tell the story as it should be based on the lore of the world, you must win every game using a very gamey mechanic to do so in some cases.

The story is in direct conflict with it’s own storytelling.

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