Devil May Cry 4 – The Complications of Blogging.

This is the end of a tough week for writing.

So I started writing about DMC4’s Lady’s long range weapon and combat style and how it is harder to get SSS with her because of her ranged style, then I gained a B rank in close quarters with guns.  I then watched several players on SSS runs with Lady so I was proven wrong… then I thought I noticed a pattern as Lady’s actions were long range at close quarters so maybe that’s why it’s SSS.

Then it became apparent that these were 2nd run characters were they had played DC with Dante and Nero and not playing Lady with all the energy gained from previous rounds, then…

…I gave up writing…

… there was information and variant overload; I couldn’t see whether there was or wasn’t a pattern between the characters as all the evidence I had seen was from two extremes.  There are very few first play through of Lady where she was the first character played.  If I had, I could have had an answer.

And I like her; I watched the anime and I liked her as this kick butt character.  She is the only human in Devil May Cry, (all other characters are part or full demon) she fights against the odds as she can’t survive major hits like the others.  She carries a rocket launcher, the Kalina Ann, Machine Guns (shotgun in DMC4 Special Edition) and pistols showing her strength (she carries a Rocket Launcher as if it’s nothing) while having knowledge, wisdom and intelligence in bundles but at the same time she has insecurities of her own… covertly not overtly.  She knows her limits including the fact that she is human and that she can occasionally act cruel (buying clothing on Dante who you know is in debt up to his eyeballs, really?)

I don’t want to degrade her by playing her sub optimally.  The problem is, it feels like while Lady in the anime is keep distance and melee as last resort; DMC feels like I need to close to melee distance and shoot at that range… it doesn’t feel like lady.

It’s frustrating as I don’t know the full answers…

I’m a mathematician at heart and so I believe that when I have a pattern to find, I’d rather not speculate; foot IN mouth disease is the wrong thing to aim for in this case.  It’s better to accept that I couldn’t play DMC4 well, simple as.

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