Scythe – The Perfect Problem

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Once again I’m cutting it fine… two hours before bed.

LAST WEEK I looked at the interesting mechanics that would make Scythe perfect for a Megagame.  However there is one flaw that could put players off; they would rather play the Pilots other than the Workers.

There are three roles that could be played in the Megagame; a Pilot Leader, a Hero Leader and a Foreman.  Now which one sounds the most boring?

If you said Foreman then you would be correct; it’s a non combat role that is all about collecting resources while other people are piloting Mechs.

So how do you make them less boring?

Lets look at who they are first; they are Workers in 1920s Europe; a Europe dominated by war so all men would know how to fire a gun.  Even though they couldn’t take on a Mech, they could take on each other; forcing carts off the land, blocking roads that are required for Carts to travel down reducing the effective distance that can be travelled by forcing longer routes to be taken and even stealing resources from other Foremen and convoys.  They can’t kill each other outright but they can disrupt.

Now mechanics.  They have to provide the resources that the Mechs need; these mechs are great for fighting but a Mech Unit can not be sustained by grit and determination alone.  This makes workers quite powerful without even needing to fire a single shot.  At the same time they can travel inside Mechs for no cost allowing them to travel greater distances allowing the Mech to move a certain distance and then they can get out and walk the rest of the way.

Now the mechanic that can make Foremen even more powerful; building and crafting.  This land will need buildings to be effective, Windmills, Armouries, Tunnelling and Monument to name the ones already in the game.  However, they can also have supply dumps, Grain stores, sawmills, blockades, mines (both varieties) and traps.  A the same time they can craft items such as medicine, Anti-Mech weapons, repair kits and even additional Mechs given enough time and resources.  Where the Mech is the Power and the Hero is the Politics, the Workers are the adaptability required to move forward.

A board game is limited to a set of rules and how much a player can handle all at once.  For Scythe this is actually a lot but this can only be done by stripping the Actions you do down to 8 to avoid analysis paralysis.

Because you’re splitting the three pieces into three roles in a Megagame you can expand out some very simplified mechanics into their own game.

THAT is what makes Scythe the Boardgame, a great potential Megagame.

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