Scythe – The Perfect Megagame

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I know this sounds weird; for starters Scythe is a board game not a Megagame.

However this is the perfect candidate for conversion into a Megagame and there is one reason for this; the relationship between the mechs and the workers.

First a quick Summary of Scythe, its a game revolving around the period of alternate 1920s where large mechs are piloted across the country.  You play both the Mechs and the workers on the ground trying to balance aggressive actions and actions that improve supplies.

You have 4 action spaces with two actions on each, one you can practically do at any time and one that requires resources.  As such you find yourself setting up chain reactions choosing moves in a specific order in order to be most effective.  To end the game, you must complete 6 objectives which vary from completing upgrades to winning battles.

There is no definitive strategy and focusing on one particular goal can actually be detrimental as it means you are neglecting turns and playing sub-optimally.

So why do I think this would work as a Megagame?  Because of the relationship between Resources, Workers and the Mechs.

I’ve mentioned Extra Credits before but they talked about Counter Play and how it creates an interesting mechanic for both players using it and the target and Scythe is full of them some of them overt, others more covert (I will dissect this later) but I’ll say this; you can stop a Mech with a Worker not in the rules but because of the consequences of a Mech entering an opponent worker’s space.

What does this mean for a Megagame?  Well if you look at the three main pieces in the game, Heroes, Workers and Mechs, you easily have three solid Roles that are interdependent and will be just as interesting.

This is getting long so I’m going to have to split it.  And Part 2 can be found HERE

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