Bendy and the Ink Machine – Stuck in the Ink (Spoiler)

OK so I promised on Wednesday to mention the one flaw with the process theMeatley games places the players through by forcing players to go through the whole game.

And it is a very simple one with spoilers so… here it comes, last chance to go play.

There is one objective of Chapter 3 in which you must sneak up on a large ink blob and take a sample of it from a giant syringe.  Do it wrong and the blob disappears and you have to find another.

And I hated it in the first pass; forced stealth sessions have too problems; one you have to move slow and in horror games that can be both a blessing and a curse but if you get the wrong tactic to sneak up then you could be doing this for a long time.  Secondly, there hasn’t been a full stealth section in the game up until this point which means you are learning to play a new way three chapters in.

This part is hard and while rearranging the level so that they are all on the same level makes it easier in that sense (well done for that), it is countered by a tricky level that… well on a second pass may make you stop playing.  I’m not kidding, at the moment I do not feel the incentive to carry on, I’d love to see what happens to Boris and the Angel after the end of Chapter 3 but the frustration is there and with time, I’m not able to split off and repeat things when I can do something new.

There is always a risk when you do something and theMeatley games are taking a big risk forcing the players to restart the game in order to save.

It could go either way.

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