Far Cry 5 – Resistance makes you miss out.

OK so after a painful blog post which if you want to read you can do HERE, I thought something a little more lighter.

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There was one thing that was interesting that I found about playing this game; that apart from the objectives and the starting cut scene and tutorial, I wasn’t taking much notice of the story.  Well the Faith Seed section of the story bugged out so I couldn’t complete it.

But I think that the mechanics that were created for Far Cry 5 do not just take up the slack but also create a story of their own.


This is a game where the goal is to do enough damage to the Eden Project to force the Leader into the open.  However as you do more damage to them the situation escalates; certain areas of the map get stronger, special forces are deployed against you such as air support or special squads.  The fact that the enemy appears to grow and treat you as more of a threat makes them feel like you are being a nuisance instead of just following a dotted line.

The thing I also love are the civilians; every civilian met or rescued act as more than just a few lines to make the world seem richer.  Communication with NPCs is one of the few ways of finding out locations in the world instead of climbing up every tower in the place.  I found 75% of the cult outposts just by talking to other NPCs and a few caches of tools and inventory (and a helicopter, let’s not forget that).  This felt more natural and free flowing as by saving these people they are giving you things in return, either directly Damaging the Cult or by them giving you information to do more damage.

Allies added an interesting twist to the game as well; you can hire up to 3 people and have 2 as your wingmen or wingwomen and while I’m sure I’ve heard some repeating stuff, it still feels like they are people not tools.  At the same time there are sub stories that allow you to unlock an additional roster of 9 NPCs making a total roster of 12 and the mission for each of them feels completely different to recruit them to your side.  Normally there is a feeling of tacked on characters, however when you don’t miss the antagonists in a Far Cry game, they have created good (although stereotypical) characters.

Finally, lets talk movement; I didn’t grab a car in the first two to three hours.  Instead I travelled on foot going from place to place and leaving a trail of destruction in my wake; enemy installations, rescuing civilians from moving vans (after being run over once), even knocking out some cult outposts on routes.  I was always off track which allowed me to travel, hunt and explore without the fear of a pick-up a machine gun on the back, it allowed me to hone my skills earning the XP to gain those crucial perks.  This was a different personal story to the other Far Cry games I played where I would just travel from A to B in the quickest way possible.  Combined with the fact that I spent 85% of the time with 2 hunters (one bowman and one bow woman, actually a really cute couple when you think about it) added something that I do not normally feel but can’t put my finger on what it is.

Major gaming companies have a negative press these days, however I have to give credit to Ubi-soft on this one; they have taken what they have learned from their open sandbox world filled to the brim with icons and refined it to make the sandbox part of the story.

I think they are missing a few tricks though and if I do a third, I may look at other ways of making a sandbox world even better and create a bigger story.

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