Far Cry 5 – The Sandbox comes Alive (Warning Darker Themes)

OK so while the logic of why the army doesn’t charge is illogical, at least they gave a reason.

My first few hours with Far Cry 5 was an interesting mix of Bow, silenced machine gun and pistol.

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Even so it provides a variety of interesting moments; glance for a few moments beyond the action and you see a group of characters that are surprisingly well thought out if not executed sub-par… and for a few moments they did have an effect on me to question which side I’m really on.

WARNING: as I was starting to type some of these things on this blog I was making myself uncomfortable, some of the themes bubbling under the surface are disturbing in this game and the conclusions are damning even to myself… if you trigger easily, don’t go below the MORE line.  This was also written before I saw a spoiler that proved the Father was outright EVIL but the key thing is the double edged nature of what I see as the hidden theme of Far Cry 5.

Firstly, Faith Seed was the first boss I went to take down (and the reason I’m having to restart the game, the Final Boss didn’t trigger) and her storyline is the main mind trip of the game using the Bliss; a fictional drug which you can see throughout from plant to use in religious experiences (this game is warped).  Now I’m not discussing religion in this (one stop shop for full blown arguments and death threats).

Faith, before she became a see was a drug user; she took drugs because of the way the world sees her, it was an escape from the world treating here badly.  The Father took her in in an attempt to save her and eventually made her a member of his “family”.

Now ask yourself this, how many companies, religions, general societies would allow this form of redemption… very few would claim they would and even fewer would actually follow through.   A cult leader’s role is to be inclusive; there are two reasons this could be, one good and one bad (breaking my three paragraph rule already).

Let’s start with the bad.. it’s a method of making people feel good; seeing that someone who has made mistakes can be redeemed means people are more likely to feel comfortable about joining, outcasts can feel comfortable coming in without fear of redemption and numbers would grow and the cult’s strength.

On the other hand, it could be a mark of his conviction; that any person can be saved if he is willing to open the doors and accept that everyone has a past but judge them by their current deeds.  By making Faith one of his own, he has proven this passively, you can question his motive but he has backed up words with actions.

So the second one, as you are approaching the Outposts, you’ll hear a public announcement system blaring out what is effectively propaganda.  However, if you listen to what is being said then one statement comes out; that through a combination of internet social media sites we have lost track of what it means to be a family, we neglect them just to see a little number go up.

And I’ll admit falling into that trap when streaming and writing this, even though I try to avoid it where possible.  It is a very uncomfortable truth that, while no-one would openly bring it into their own thoughts under normal circumstances, when brought to our attention this statement is true and while some of us openly try to deny it, it can’t be escaped that we have lost sight of the right things in life.

Now again this logic can be good or bad.  If you take it as bad, it is a method of gaining power; of offering the idea that you can offer a solution to get people to believe in you, they will come to you and obey.  Take it as good and you are trying to help people who have found themselves in a situation they are not comfortable in OR they have been trapped in.

It is pretty easy to see through just these two examples how alluring a cult can be.  It relies on taking the fears of the modern world and offering a better solution.  But as anyone knows about Utopia; to create a Utopia, you have to create the seeds of Dystopia which eventually grow through paranoia of those wishing to take it down.

Far Cry 5 is a story of conviction; do you have the conviction to believe you are on the right side and then act to see it through; all characters believe they are doing the right thing, they only believe the other side is wrong because it would mean admitting they are wrong.

Ubi-Soft wouldn’t dare do this because of how hot the topic could be in the US at the moment but you could easily reverse the sides and create a whole new game from the perspective of a member of the Eden Project.  If you weren’t uncomfortable by the end of it, it wouldn’t be doing it’s job.

I really hope this is the most uncomfortable writing I ever have to do.

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