Tron 2.0 – I’m surprised it is not…

… a Dark Soul’s Game.

I know that sounds weird but like The Surge and the Dark Souls, there are key elements to Tron that is similar to the other two games also have.

There was one key weapon in Tron that is perfect for a Dark Souls type game…

… that is the Identity Disc.

The reason for this is the skill required to use this weapon in game (I mean in Tron 2.0 not the newer games).   Tron’s disc is very simple to use; left mouse fires it and allows some aiming if held down, right mouse recalls it and blocks for a brief second when in the avatar’s hands.

The fact that you can’t block when you fire means that you have to time your throw, keep it close range and be ready to recover it when needed; you constantly bounce between attack and defence.  You don’t have a stamina bar in Tron, yet choosing your actions are just as important.

It is also a weapon that is not reliant on target locking, especially if you choose to create a 1st person version; blocking and firing are done by sight and allows you to take on multiple enemies as all that matters is keeping them both in your front arc meaning positioning is as important in Tron as it is in other games.

Thirdly the upgrades, you can choose to place subroutines into the Identity Disc that changes it from simple throwing disc to rapid fire or explode on impact or return.  Each changing  how it’s used similar to weapons in Dark Souls.

Tron 2.0’s Identity Disc is easy to use yet impossible to master; it provides a decent short range attack and defence, a range weapon that doesn’t need target lock and can be upgraded to make it into different weapons that behave differently.  This is what makes it a perfect weapon for a Dark Soul’s type game.

If you wish to see how I got to this idea, watch me play 2 hours of Tron 2.0 HERE.

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