Jumanji – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

There are very few things I actually missed when I was talking about Jumanji.

There is one thing that I think that is important that actually needs to be said.

A link to the original video is HERE, be advised that I didn’t research any names of actors (I should have believe me).

This is actually the most respectful sequel that I’ve ever seen while at the same time being loyal to the original.

Firstly, its respectful to the original concept; OK so they don’t use a board game but they acknowledge the history that comes from the original, the game calls people to it and entices those who are troubled to play however they subvert it using the modern technology and doesn’t break the rules of the original (it was known Jumanji could pull people in).

Secondly, they do not disrespect the original.  There were one or two scenes that could have really done that but they were handled with tact and skill.  With one of the major actors no longer with us, this risk was even higher and I respect the way that they handled that character’s history and how they left a legacy behind through it.

Finally, it respected what it was meant to be.  It did use the limitations of the computer game for laughs yes BUT it could have used a lot worse; it could have spun being a video gamer as negative and it didn’t, in fact it actually showed the positives that the majority of game players know that exist.

I stand by what I said about this movie, it is the best video game movie I have ever seen…

it shows a large amount of respect for the original material and yet makes it it’s own, it shows the limitations of gaming yet the infinite possibilities and finally it respects those who put their soul into the original and while some believe he would be turning in his grave (check metacritic it’s really polarised) I would like to think his soul is at rest…

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