One Shot – The Question of Patreon

So it’s getting to the stage where I’m asking a question that I didn’t think I would ask…

… should I become a Patreon Creator?  I know with a limited number of people, it is a tough question.

I did have a think about it and the video is here for those that wish to look at it.The first thing I was considering is larger projects; more than just the Vlog and this will require more planning and preparation as well as additional resources that in order to do right will require experts.

Secondly, it will allow me to provide something for me to focus on… I don’t relax easily and having something to focus on and having an element of pressure means I can get more things done and the more I can get done, the more I can share.

However there are two key things against it.

The first is that I only do youtube and my blog weekly; for the blog, that isn’t really a problem however, the way YouTube’s algorithm rewards daily recording and upload means you have to not just do things daily but also follow trends so that you appear on the radar… you are effectively selling your soul.

Secondly pressure can be a double edged sword especially if people are paying for your material; is this a pressure I can cope with on a regular basis?

So which way will I go?  I don’t know; it all depends on the next few months.

And the Vlog version of this is below for those that want to see me wrestle with this question.

Join the Pack


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