Soul Searching – Thoughts after the Vlog

I’ve tried to give a Sunday for each Vlog but it was never easy.

However, when you do Soul Searching, you have to reflect whether your results are right.

If you wish to watch the Video, then you can watch it HERE.

Firstly, I stand by everything I said on the video… however it doesn’t mean that I don’t know there’s a line in the sands.   I have that point personally, that point where any attempts to be reasonable are pointless; at that point, the claws come out and all bets are off.

Secondly, while I do try to keep my face off the internet to try and remain anonymous, I know that it is near impossible; you create a trail across the web that can be followed with the right tools and persistence.  The question is do you assume you can be anonymous even though you know you’re not?  You can normally tell by how cruel they are; the more cruel they are, the more safer they think they are.

Thirdly, it is very easy to get caught up in the moment; not just those agreeing with the negative but also with the positive.  And the debate is never like KAILO; it gets very personal with people shouting at each other followed by people looking at other people’s personas to try and find a reason why their opinion “doesn’t matter”.  Basically the result is we never move the debates forward and the opinions of each other in general go so far back we meet ourselves going forward.

It is really difficult to keep your head on the internet, especially when you feel that there is injustice.  However we need two things; a self shock to the system and the reflection required to avoid going down a dark route.

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