Dark West – A Group not Welcome

Part 3 of Dark West

The next Episode is HERE

The Prelude is HERE

What just happened…

… the… the… the thieves, what gave them the right to walk into this place and take what they want, worse still they touched @:(-)-<.  I feel sorry for that… well I’ll call her girl, because she acted like one, didn’t her mother tell her not to touch stuff that didn’t belong to her.

Lets go back an few hours or go… I don’t know why they intentionally walked into &>@@:(-)-< in the first place, normally everyone stays away and only stumbles in at night when the defences are more aggressive.

They should have thought twice when they were attacked by the >\/\/> yet the unarmed one… Tong… didn’t care or he wasn’t taking any notice of the stories.

Moses, as, surely would have known better to intrude on our sites; he suffered for it, the >oXo< almost broke him as their, what you call, thoughts nearly killed him.

They managed to get inside the 0 and managed to destroy both >oXo<, they came prepared and were ready for a fight. Well not Miss Lawson who ended up being attacked with serious bites on her whole body.

One part of me is angry that they wrecked a working facility, the other part… with the maintenance.

I don’t know what nightmares Miss Lawson will have from touching @:(-)-<, nor will I know how Moses’s mind will cope with the future attacks from us; they deserve it, both of them.

The person I have to watch is Tong.  He removed  -<(0)>-, a thing that is dangerous in the wrong hands.

Mind you… if we play our hand well, we could return… for real this time.

Join the Pack


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