Patreon – A simple solution

I know about the changes but I want to leave the post here as I believe¬†that it’s the best solution.

Here is a solution.

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Net Neutrality – does it need to be the apocalypse?

Time to look at things with an open mind.

And the rules of the markets

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Dark West – Power of the Pre-West

An unintended event sets off a chain reaction that is felt by all that can sense the power.

Nothing I can write here can describe how some people reacted to it.

The Prelude is found HERE

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Power Down – Coming Soon

So my battery ran low mid vlog… so I switched to my coming soon option…¬†

So here it is. Note I get the name of “Kingdom Death : Monster” wrong.

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Soul Searching – Thoughts after the Vlog

I’ve tried to give a Sunday for each Vlog but it was never easy.

However, when you do Soul Searching, you have to reflect whether your results are right.

If you wish to watch the Video, then you can watch it HERE.

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Dark West – A Group not Welcome

Part 3 of Dark West

The next Episode is HERE

The Prelude is HERE

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