Dark West – The Song of the West

The first session after action.

The next Episode is HERE

The Prelude is HERE

How things can change; you can go from the darkness to the light

From lost in the shadows, to the talk of the town.

And who better to show this than Juliana Lawson

Where to even begin…

… Well, when you find yourself tied to the local railroad… literally!  Well normally someone in that situation will normally be dead.

However when you’re used to having to find your way out of places, this isn’t impossible just you sometimes leave an item of clothing on the track and with the size and weight of the Steam Fortresses, well… you’ll never get that shoe back.

Being lucky enough to meet Roy Scott on the trail doesn’t harm her nor finding Tong Baxiong; a man of few words who had little, but someone not to mess with.

Valar’s Reach is a place further east than Juliana has ever been; it looks more affluent than anywhere she’s been before.  The main street has a variety of shops, saloons and err…fun for adults.  More importantly, no-one knows her; this should be the perfect place for her to start again.

Even so, someone with a past like hers; a confidence trickster reliant on preying on the man’s heart, then slipping away with both their money and their dignity…  Well a woman like this is destined to make the same mistakes over and over again.  A spider doesn’t need to kill to leave destruction in their wake.

How did she do it!

Was it pure luck or was it the strength to take the stage?

Was it her skill or her heart?

Was it the need to survive or just playing her role again?

In any case, when she took the stage and drew her first breath… Juliana Lawson shone from the darkness.

What do they say about the Wilds?  They fall on the whims of FATE.

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